Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Amazing Egg Bathtub

With more and more people looking forward to to the time when they can enjoy lounging beneath their bathtubs waters, it comes as no surprise the immense popularity the production of bathtubs has gained. From basic and affordable, to lavish and costly, bathtubs have varied in design, size and consumer demand.

Amazing show furniture design by Arina Kamarova. She designs amazing egg shape shower. It really needs extraordinary ideas and creativity from the designer to design this amazing egg shape shower. This shower is designed with a shell door shape, beside as a place to take a shower, it also completed with bathtub, hydro massage and great mood lighting that can help you for relaxation or even spoil your self in the bathroom.

The well-rounded, half-egg shape is turning out to be a popular pattern with most new bathtubs today. Maybe it is the modern need to identify with natural shapes that is driving brands to shell out this specific design. This time it is ‘Ego’ by Luca Veneri doing the regular jig. It is a high-gloss bathtub that is meant to enrich your bathing experience like never before, all this while upping the glam quotient of your home decor too.

The concept of the modern flashy alter conventional bathtub into an extraordinary work of art. egg-shaped bath easily sit on a wooden base. This is an intuitive design with an egg-shaped contours and sweeping curves that hug your body in all the right places and lets you relax in total comfort, with your foot resting on top of your head comfortable. The amazing part is designed for the main stage in your bathroom, like a statue in a museum. Viaggi a chic, clean-lined up to view, modern slim. Available in sizes 70×36”.

The Egg Bathtub and Shower is among the most popular bathtubs and once it is seen there is no doubt in any mind that it should be. Its appearance and highlighted features alone are enough to make it high and demand and spectacular to view in person.

Italy again presents a modern yet comfortable furnishings. This time they came out with some egg-shaped metal fatigue luxury tub waterfall. It sounds crazy but definitely more beautiful then I expected. a bathtub shaped like an egg with a very beautiful design. Smooth organic form is available in pure white, soft and can be shaded in, in pastel colors of spring. You can choose from violet, light blue or soft pink or not at all, should you prefer to focus only on the form of fun. Cascading chains fall from the runners who placed in the ceiling above the bathtub for an optional touch of glamor. These chains that give the impression of water falling from the top of your bathing place. Sparkling silver chains bring dramatic flair to a simple bath. Everything looks perfect and beautiful.

Amazing Egg Bathtub From Ivory Stone

Italian company Mastella has made a name for itself with its unique, egg-inspired bathtubs. Architect Oriano Favaretto has designed this contemporary, black and white variation to turn bathroom design on its head. Gone are the days of the boring box equipped with a three-piece suite that’s as bland (and the same color as) oatmeal. The Party bathtub is sure to splash up your bathroom. Inspired by the company’s existing Lviv design, these egg-shaped bathtubs feature a dramatic, black exterior and a clean, white interior. The contrast is as alluring as the thought of a long, luxurious soak. This elegant bathtub will look great as the centerpiece of your white minimalist bathroom, or as a bold accent in any space.

When ordering a custom bathtub from Gruppo Treesse you start with the design that is already special – making it genuinely unique is company’s pleasure. Treesse offer bathtubs that can be personalized with “finishings, decor, appliqués, and indisputably special materials”. Their Epoca, Epoca Egg, Nina, and New Classic Young bathtubs are “customizable with capitonné upholstery, Swarovski crystal, painted finishes, and decorative accents”. You first choose your bathtub design, then choose how you would like to customize it. “The result will be a reflection of your originality”. Presenting the Epoca Egg designs (shown above is Epoca Egg Lady).

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