Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Red Bathroom Interior

The modern bathroom in the domination of the white and red color combination. The red color as the accent, was present in the form of the mosaic, as the frame at the mirror at the wall. Was in a modern style, this bathroom appeared spacious. White became the refractory and gave an impression of the area. However, white was not left alone personally. The element of the red color was produced to eliminate the insipid impression. Red color bathroom available in three different shapes. The floor of the red ceramics on the floor. So also to the wall, red also have the shape of rectangle. However this time was material him from the mosaic ceramics. The mosaic was compiled neat like the enlargement of the mirror frame. The red element that also became the beautiful element was to the mirror frame. Was located exact on the designed wash-basin modern, the red frame to balance.

Exotic Red Bathroom Interior design

Modern Red Bathroom Interior design

Beautiful Red Bathroom Interior

Comfortable Red Bathroom Interior with large design and red background

Red Bathroom Interior with classic design

Pretty Red Bathroom Interior for teenage bathroom

Beautiful Red Bathroom Interior for small design

Romantic lamps in Red Bathroom Interior

Fantastic Red Bathroom Interior with shiny ceramics

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