Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Twist Chairs

This is a chair inovatif from Stefan Heiliger designer and manufactured by Sandler Seating. This design called Twist chair, This chair is made of foam which is injected through the steel structure and then installed. Its form is very slim and has a modern style. This chair has a back rest for our bodies.

If you are locking for modern chair design here is what you need.Made by a Russian designer Jan Schreiner, TWIST chair is not just a modern and atractive design but also provide users a comfortable seating experience with its large round twisted seat that is slightly lifted on the back part that can be a small back rest for added comfort.

Various of Twist Chairs In Many Colors

Luxury Metal Twist Chairs

Unique Twist Chairs

Green Twist Chairs

Unusual Twist Chairs In White Color

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